19th Century Home Renovation Phase One

This was an intensive renovation in an early 1800's home involving all aspects of the room.  Window and appliance layout were dramatically reconfigured and an island and all cabinets removed. Reframing where necessary involved tying into or replacing aspects of older renovations, which at this point included hand hewed timbers, water sawn planks, rough cut lumber, and modern stick framing. Several layers of flooring were removed and joists reenforced to accommodate the added weight of the soap stone counter tops, country sink, and tile flooring. The trim work was chosen to be appropriate for the age of the home and overall style of the rooms. To help keep costs down, simple but high grade store bought cabinets were installed and the appliances reinstalled. These savings allowed for some of the nicer touches like the soap stone and a custom built corner cabinet made to blend in with existing doors and the new trim. 

One of the best parts of this renovation is that throughout the entire process the client was still able to use the room mornings, evenings, and weekends to prepare meals and clean up. 

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