Squam Lake Cabin Window Restoration


This Lakes Region cabin started out as a hunting camp in the 1920's. It has evolved into a very pleasant 3 season camp. There have been additions and repairs over the years. One of them involved closing in the porch. This was done by attaching some large storm windows over the existing frame. As you can see in the before shot, The window frames and the porch framing did not line up. Also sills and framing were of white pine. The client needed an upgrade materially, and wanted an upgrade visually.

There were some old windows buried in a shed on the property that would fit the bill, however, they needed quite a bit of work to get them back in shape. They required stripping and repainting; new glazing; and some structural portions rebuilt on several of the sashes. The window framing was completely replaced with Fir and Mahogany for sills. The new configuration fits between the porch framing for a much improved look from both inside and outside.



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